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Tumblr, please don’t eat our messages, they don’t taste that good.

Have a Snickers instead.

You’re not you when you’re hungry.

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are u jelly of my awesome bounce putty


what if i died in like twenty years and all i left my girlfriend was a box and like she gasps and reaches down to her chest where her key necklace hangs that i gave her twenty two years ago, and she uses it to unlock the box and all that is in there is a string which you can pull to reveal an embarrassing photo of spongebob at the christmas party

it might dry you if you forget to close the lid on its container (but im not sure what type of putty you have)

probably yeah, but i’m sure i wont forget to do that. i just dont want it to dry out from messing with it too much!



the year according to tumblr

january: post halloween candy hangover
feburuary: couples halloween
march: almost halloween
april: almost halloween
may: almost halloween
june: almost halloween
july: almost halloween
august: almost halloween
september: basically halloween
november: still halloween
december: halloween for jesus

i bought this bouncy putty from the dollar store today and im so pumped because it’s just what ive been looking for

i need stuff to mess around with while watching shows or it’s just agonizing for me (im generally a tactile person) so i usually end up spinning random desk items in my hands until it’s uncomfortable but i wanted some kind of putty/foam stuff to mess with that didnt make my hands greasy/smelly or leave grease on my desk etc

and this putty is perfect it’s kinda light and foamy and not too sticky and it doesn’t smell and it doesnt feel like it’ll dry out either it’s PERFECT IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS DUMB BOUNCE PUTTY I MUST GET MORE



Brad Pitt in Rolling Stone, 1999

I will rotate these as my phone background forever

twewy discussion on my dash more like REVS ENGINES

Question for the TWEWYs


I have a really important question. Am I literally the only person that believes that Joshua wanted to destroy Shibuya for exactly the reason he told Megumi? That he thought the people of Shibuya were to dull and clouded to realize their possibilities, thus making the game and UG pointless, unable to fulfill its purpose.

Not that he was unhappy as Composer, not because he had some kind of hate or dislike for people or himself, not because he was lonely, not for any other reason.

Am I seriously the only person to believe him? Is my way of thinking that out of the ball park? Should I take a good long look in the mirror and re-evaluate my world perspective?

I think it was a combination of things.

Yeah, I believe Joshua thought that people were too clouded to realize their potential and decided that there was no point in letting the wound fester further, but I think that part of the reason he thought this was because of his general dislike/distrust of people.

Things were probably pretty bad, yes, but it was his outlook that “people can’t change” that made him decide to wash his hands of it instead of trying something further.

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Guess what I started reading


cooled conservatories by wilkinson eyre architects


Here’s what I’m bringing to Mysterium!

The bigger, domed pendants will be $30, the animal totem ones will be $25. They’ll come with your choice of plain black bamboo-fiber cord, or scrappy sari silk ribbon (while supplies last).

Design notes:

  • I’d originally thought I’d make a small batch of Gehn’s crest pendants. I’ll make those after I get back from Burning Man instead… I was kind of tired of the “I’ve made a few shiny expensive things that a select few can have” dynamic, and I wanted to try something new. So this is what I’m trying :)
  • Headcanon for the dagger/five ones: I’m imagining Gehn instituting a sort of combined middle school/high school, just for students he was grooming for his guilds, with a fancy graduation ceremony after five years where students were given medallions to wear as a status symbol. If one of these students decided to rebel by joining the moiety, the first step would be to deface the medal with the dagger symbol as a public show of commitment and defiance. Kind of like getting a mohawk and starting wearing all black? [1]
  • Some of the totems have a semi-circular mark around the hole that the jumpring goes through, from the motions that happened while they were polishing in the tumblrtumbler. At first I thought they were flaws, that I’d have to go back and fix them—but then I realized that they look a lot like the Cyan logo, so I’m going to consider them Easter eggs instead :) (There are plenty without the mark for those who’d prefer them that way.)

[1] On second thought this is probably not sneaky enough for the moiety’s M.O., but my brain really loves the idea of high school punk moiety kids and has latched onto the word “moietypunk” now…


People are already getting excited about Halloween and by people I mean me


Myst Alphabet: E is for Eder Sehvtee, the Rest Ages.